Practice Yin Yoga with me in August!

I am so excited to be teaching a two hour Yin Yoga class on three consecutive Sundays at Seasonal Yoga Academy! For more details please click on the “Class Updates” tab.

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You can find me…


  • 1:30- 2:30 at Seasonal Yoga Academy (46 Darnley Street, Pollockshields, Glasgow, G41 2SE).


  • 1:30- 2:30 at Seasonal Yoga Academy

  • 6- 7pm at Finn’s Place, Langside Parish Church (167 Ledard Road, Battlefield, Glasgow G42 9QU).

What are my Seasonal classes like?

These classes are open to all levels; every body is welcome. I aim to provide a time in your day where you can come and reset, taking a breather from whatever life is throwing at you. I always like to start class with some breath awareness, allowing you time to fully arrive, to come off auto pilot, and really feel the practice. The physical postures will be influenced by the current season and offer a chance to stretch, strengthen and restore. I love using props and I encourage all my students to use them too, especially when staying in postures for an extended period of time. Every class finishes with Savasana, a relaxation posture, allowing your body to integrate the benefits of the practice.

I get such enjoyment from teaching these classes, as I love to see people making time to nourish themselves. It isn’t easy prioritising yourself and I feel very lucky to be able to offer a space where people can come and genuinely reconnect with themselves in the middle of the day. It fills me with joy when people tell me afterwards: “that was just what I needed!” It wasn’t a coffee, or trying to tick off yet another job on an ever expanding to-do list, or any of the other things we do to get through the day, it was taking the time to breathe, to stretch, to release tension and rebalance the nervous system. Heaven!