Yin is in! At Seasonal Yoga Academy ☯️

Dates: Sundays, 4th, 11th and 18th August

Duration: 2 hours, 3- 5pm.

Price: Sign up to all three for £50, or drop in £20 per class

Yin Yoga is a static, moderate and functional floor based practice. We do not flow from pose to pose, but rather we linger in each pose for minutes at a time. We are not actively engaging and stretching our muscles, as we do in other forms of yoga, or sport. Instead, Yin Yoga targets the deeper “yin” tissues of our body, including our ligaments, joints, fascia and bones. Surprisingly, less than 50% of our flexibility comes from our muscles; it is the tension in our “yin” tissues that most restricts our flexibility. As such, it is a fantastic practice to help improve range of motion, reduce inflammation, promote healing in cases of injury, and ease out tension and tightness stored in the body.

Yin Yoga is a still practice. It is a counter to our dynamic lives, an opportunity to be quiet and spend dedicated time free from distractions. Holding postures allows us to withdraw our senses inwards and to notice whatever comes up: physical sensations, mental chatter or emotion. Each pose is an opportunity for a mini meditation.

It is important to note that although, by it’s very definition, Yin is a counter to Yang, it is not the same as Restorative Yoga. In our Yin practice, each pose has a specific target area and we intentionally stress the connective tissue of this chosen area. That being said, Yin is respectful: we are never looking to feel pain in a pose or to push past our edge. With an understanding of variable anatomy, my Yin classes are taught functionally, meaning I will help you find your version of the pose, one that works for your body. These classes are an opportunity to gently welcome space into our bodies, whilst working with our individual limitations as they present themselves.

Yin Yoga seeks to harmonise and create balance. Similar to our Seasonal practice, Yin Yoga works with the Chinese Medicine system and the understanding that good health is determined by the healthy flow of Qi through our meridians. As well as having a physical target area, then, each Yin pose also stimulates Qi flow by targeting specific meridians.

Whatever your motivation for attending a Yin class, you will be creating space, physically and mentally, moving stagnation and promoting healing and overall health.

For more information about the practice of Yin Yoga, please click here and to book your place, please either email me (phoenixrisesyoga@gmail.com), or use the contact form.

Easter Break 🐣

I am taking a break over Easter! This means there will be no classes on weeks commencing 15th and 22nd April. I will be back on Monday 29th April! I hope you can join me- I look forward to seeing you then! x

14th March Class Cancellation 🤒

I’m sorry to have to cancel class today but I write this from my sick bed! I fully expect to be well enough to teach again by Monday- unless I tell you otherwise, I look forward to seeing you again then!

Class Cancellation:

This week, I’m going away for more Yin training, yay! 🎉 What this means for my classes…

Monday 10th February: On!

Thursday 14th February: Afternoon class is cancelled, but the evening class at Finn’s Place is ON! (Cover kindly supplied by the wonderful Fi Shepherd).

Monday 18th February: Cancelled.

Thursday 21st February: ON! And normal service is resumed hereafter!

New Class!

I am delighted to be teaching the Thursday evening class at Finn’s Place (167 Ledard Road, G42 9QU). In keeping with my afternoon classes, this hour long class will include breath awareness, Seasonal flow, and the opportunity for deep relaxation, every Thursday evening, 6pm- 7pm. It is drop in, so no need to book ahead, £7/ £5 unwaged and mats are provided. Finn’s Place is a wonderful pocket of sanctuary in the Southside, offering a number of wellness services, if you’ve never heard of it before, I highly recommend checking it out. I hope to see you in class soon!

December Dates!

A few changes to the usual run of things this month…

-Thursday 13th: Cancelled.

-Monday 17th: Cancelled.

-Thursday 20th: ON again! Yay! 🎉*

-Monday 24th: Cancelled.

-Thursday 27th: Cancelled.

-Friday 28th: ON! Say what?! For this week only, since a few of you have asked so nicely for class to continue over the festive period, I have got special permission to move the Thursday class to Friday. Usual time of 1:30- 2:30. I hope you'll be able to make it!

-Monday 31st: ON! A special yin class to put 2018 to bed and help reset and restore for whatever the new year brings.

Normal service resumes thereafter: Mondays and Thursdays 1:30- 2:30 👌🏻

* This Thursday class will be the last one before Christmas and I would like to donate all proceeds to Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre. This is a truly amazing, life saving, vital (the list goes on) and horrifyingly underfunded and over subscribed service. I know money can be tight at this time of year, but if you are able to donate more than the usual £5, that would be fantastic (but please no worries if you can't). If you are unable to attend class, perhaps you could stick your usual fiver into a charity tin or homeless person's cup instead.

I hope to see you in class soon!

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***Important Changes from 24th September 2018!***

  • The class time is changing! Classes will now begin at 1:30pm and finish at 2:30pm. I hope that any parents out there will now be able to come along and benefit from a well deserved yoga break before school pick up!

  • Unfortunately, I am no longer able to offer the £2 reduced rate. Please note that the class price is remaining fixed at £5.

Ps. Where is Seasonal Yoga Academy?? It’s here →


46 Darnley Street, Glasgow, G41 2SE 👌🏻