Hello! I’m Emma and I am a 400 hour qualified Yoga teacher based in Glasgow, trained in Seasonal and Yin Yoga. I was first introduced to yoga in 2005, but it wasn't until 2012 that I developed a more consistent practice. Eventually, in 2017, I felt the time was right for me to deepen my understanding and I undertook my teacher training at Seasonal Yoga Academy. After a year of study, I earned my 200 hour teacher training certificate.

Yoga is my constant companion, my practice growing and developing as I grow and develop. So it was that I found myself become increasingly drawn to Yin yoga. I decided I wanted to deepen my understanding of this profound practice and I am now the proud owner of a 200 hour Yin Yoga teaching qualification from Blackmat Yogi.

This is me, absolutely flipping delighted, getting my 200 Hour Yin Teaching qualification with my teacher, Dhugal. One of the best days of my life! Really and truly.

This is me, absolutely flipping delighted, getting my 200 Hour Yin Teaching qualification with my teacher, Dhugal. One of the best days of my life! Really and truly.

I really love Yin yoga! I will bore on about it to anyone who will listen. Since studying it in depth, I really believe it to be such a beneficial, health giving and deeply affecting form of yoga. It has further helped me with my own healing, both physical and mental, and I am so thrilled to be able to teach it. For me, 200 hours is just the beginning! I continue furthering my knowledge and training in yin, functional anatomy and fascia, it’s all so fascianating! Yin nerd alert! 🤓

I have also completed 40 hours of CPD training with Heather Mason from The Minded Institute and hold a certificate in Yoga Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All my qualifications are Yoga Alliance (USA) accredited.

I practice and teach with an emphasis on building a true and accepting relationship with ourselves. For many years my own practice was driven by my ego and it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable, or safe, as it is now that I’ve dropped the pushing, the comparisons, the “musts” and the “shoulds”. As a teacher, I aim to create and hold a space for us to practice together and drop the judgements. We can always pick them up again after class if we have to! Further, I am trained in variable anatomy, so I believe in teaching functional yoga rather than aesthetic yoga. This means I will encourage you to let go of the idea that you have to recreate a version of an image of a pose you’ve seen at all costs in order to be doing yoga “properly”, and rather I will guide you to feel, follow and honour the sensations in your body so you can find the perfect alignment of a pose for your body.


This is me gazing adoringly at a vegan burger. I love eating, thinking about, thinking about eating, and cooking vegan food. I also like smiling at dogs I see and willing them to come and say hello to me using only the power of my mind. Other hobbies include reading; the occasional bit of wonky patchwork sewing; nature (walking in it and marvelling at its beauty I mean); playing with essential oils and making lotions and potions and calling it “skincare”. And yoga. I genuinely practice every day and I love it.


This is me “doing some yoga”. I’m not really big on documenting my asana practice, publicly at least, but I’m aware that some people may want to see a yoga teacher in a yoga pose. I also include it because I’d like to show a few things:

  • I happily use props as and when I need them (and I encourage you to too!)

  • I am more open on one side (most of us are, an imbalance is normal)

  • Showing yourself compassion doesn’t mean you can’t still develop and advance your practice. You absolutely can and you will. Sometimes it can be easy to think that if we don’t push and strive, we won’t make progress. It took me a couple of years respectfully minding my body's limitations and patiently returning to this posture (Dragonfly/Maksikanagasana) before I was able to get into it (hence why I'm CHEESIN' here!) You can still develop strength and flexibility when you show yourself kindness, it just makes the whole experience that bit nicer while you're doing it.

  • It's genuinely one of the few photos I have of me in a posture.

Yoga has helped me in a myriad of ways, but one of the most powerful and healing of those, has been the way it has taught me to reconnect with my body. Having spent so many years disconnected and disassociated from my physical being, I now genuinely, lovingly, and fully inhabit my body. Encouraging this full connection to ourselves influences my teaching. Generally, my classes are slower paced, with the opportunity for longer holds in poses to really feel what’s happening in your body. This brings it’s own challenges, but it’s from this place of inquiry and presence that I truly believe the magic happens!