What's in a name?

Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair
And I eat men like air
— Sylvia Plath "Lady Lazarus"

A few years ago a friend pointed me in the direction of this poem and this last stanza really resonated with me. I don't eat men like air, but I do have red hair! More than that, though, I have sunk to the lowest depths I think it is possible to sink to, without going completely under. I have survived a life threatening illness, when my loved ones were told I would not survive. I have endured repeated episodes of significant ill mental health. I know what it is to feel hopeless and full of despair. The last time I was there, in the ash, I turned to yoga, something that I had practised on and off for years. But this time I returned to it again and again. My practice grew. I started to meditate. I began to feel less hopeless and less full of despair. When I felt I had nothing left, yoga met me, embraced me, and pulled me back up. 

I decided to enrol on a teacher training course because I wanted to deepen my own practice and understanding of the traditional teachings of yoga. My relationship with yoga is an enduring one and I know I will never stop learning. But now that I am qualified it is my wish to share the tools of yoga with others so that if they find themselves in the ash, they too can rise again.